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Emil Open 2018: a successful week of adaptive sports
16.06.2018 13:55 | Emil Open 2018

Performances to the limit of what is possible, a lot of emotions, new friendships - that was the last week in Brno. That was the European Youth Games for the Disabled Emil Open.

Emil Open 2018
15.06.2018 14:02 | Emil Open 2018

It was amazing to see the youngsters with a disability compete, feel joy from their victory, face a loss, simply live life fully.

Emil Open
13.06.2018 14:15 | Emil Open 2018

Our organisation was represented by five volunteers – Michaela Kadlecová, Rudolf Štarha, Jiří Mesároš, Daniela Hanzlíková a Brigita Stejskalová, who helped at the sporting venues in various areas. We thank all the above-mentioned employees for our representation.

Emil Open 2018 - sports days
12.06.2018 14:26 | Emil Open 2018

We all are winners,“ resonated at the athletics stadium Pod Palackého vrchem during the Closing Ceremony of a unique sporting event.

We have brought 4 medals from the Emil Open
11.06.2018 13:20 | Emil Open 2018

The players did not take it easy on the opponents. Psyche had a great impact on the results - if you persisted, you won.

European Youth Games for the Disabled - the 1st da...
08.06.2018 08:55 | Emil Open 2018

The athletes however their discipline will get new contacts, make new friends, be able to talk peer-to-peer and get a new perspective on life.

Public presentation and a launch of the book www.b...
06.06.2018 16:45 | Emil Open 2018

There will be a book launch during the Opening Ceremony.

Emil Open 2018
06.06.2018 13:10 | Emil Open 2018

The profit made by selling our ice-cream will be used for the support of athletes and the Emil Foundation If you want to have joy in your life, start giving it 

Emil Open kicks off. 400 Europeans will fight for ...
06.06.2018 13:01 | Emil Open 2018

7th European Youth Games for the Disabled started this evening at the VUT stadium Pod Palackého vrchem. "We want to provide the participants with an unforgettable experience. Many famous persons and our ambassadors will come to support the athletes," emphasized the Organising Committee President Pavel Zbožínek.

Emil Open: Sports Festival for People with Disabil...
06.06.2018 12:41 | Emil Open 2018

As the organizers have pointed out, the public will have an insight into sport activities of people with disabilities in order to remove prejudice and barriers.

European Youth Games for the Disabled will welcome...
06.06.2018 10:20 | Emil Open 2018

„Emil Open makes sense. Disabled athletes, whether they swim or bike, are always role models to their mates who are going through a difficult time. Thanks to them they see how they can grow,“ said the city mayor Petr Vokřál.

Emil Open, youth games for the disabled, from 6th ...
25.05.2018 22:38 | Emil Open 2018

June is round the corner and being one of the warm months it tempts us to do sport. The fact that one can do sport despite any limitations will be proved by young athletes during the European Youth Games for the Disabled.

EMIL OPEN 2018 is coming
15.05.2018 14:09 | Emil Open 2018

Also Slovak athletes will participate this year. Our patient Tomáš Zajíc from Bratislava will do his best in swimming - backstroke, front crawl.

6 adaptive sports planned for the Emil Open 2018
26.04.2018 12:35 | Emil Open 2018

This year the organisers increased the number of adaptive sports: athletics, swimming, table tennis, golf, boccia, bocce. „Bocce is played on a grassy area and is very similar to French pétanque. "We do believe it will attract people," says Zbožínek.

7th European Youth Games for the Disabled
18.04.2018 14:38 | Emil Open 2018

time 6:45

Trio of ambassadors are looking forward to the 7th...
13.04.2018 10:30 | Emil Open 2018

The cooperation has expanded to Slovakia. A Slovak representative will be an ambassador for the first time. A successful paralympic medallist Samuel Andrejčík has joined the two Czech ambassadors, Arnošt Petráček and Jiří Ježek.

Emil Open 2018 - entries
15.02.2018 22:47 | Emil Open 2018

The expected number of international participants, the international concept and the sport and accompanying programme make Emil Open a unique event of a European format.

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