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Entry & Procedure Dates

1. 3.

Preliminary Entries Open

entries by number

Please provide us with an estimated number of athletes and staff per sport including their disability.

31. 3.

Preliminary Entries Close

10. 4.

Sport Schedule Announced

Besides other things, the organiser will announce a maximum number of athletes per sport and will inform the participants of their application status.

10. 4.

Final Entries Open

entries by name

Firm Entries – personal details; sport, category, event; accommodation and transport details etc.

10. 5.

Final Entries Close

Please note: The Organising Committee reserves the right to possible changes in the Entry Procedure & Dates.


Stolní tenis

Categories (10 – 26 years)

Open category supports and motivates beginners. It is open to everybody and there is no need to be registered in the National or International Federation. The competitions are held under modified International Rules and Regulations to fit such an event level. This category allows youth with a disability that are sport beginners or do sport recreationally to meet with their potential role models in the "big sporting world".

Mixed category supports inclusion of people with disabilities. It includes specific events for collectives of both disabled and able-bodied athletes. This category represents the inclusive mission of the project. Staff up to 26 years old are recommended and welcome to participate in these events.

Entry Conditions

One athlete can compete in one sport only.

The Games are open to athletes with disabilities (physical, visual, hearing, mental and combined disabilities) between the ages of 10 and 26. The condition is to reach the lower or upper age limit at any time during the year of the event (2023).

Emil Open

Organising Committee

Pavel Zbožínek

Organising Committee President

Vojtěch Kocůrek

Organising Committee Vice President

Emilova sportovní, z.s.

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