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Jan Nedělník Comdata Czech



let me, as I do every year, tip my hat to the entire team.

I am sure that all participants enjoyed the Emil open, my colleagues were once again enthusiastic.

I will personally do my best to continue our support in the years to come.


Have a great day.

David Sedlák Eprin



Thank you very much for letting us be there again, we enjoyed it again and we will definitely look forward to the next edition. We are always happy to come up with something and support as we can.


The aftermovie was perfect, you can see that everything is already incredibly fine tuned!

Mgr. Michal Vaňáč ZOO Brno

We are very happy that such an event is held in Brno and we appreciate that we can make the stay of the participants in our beloved city a little more pleasant.

Hats off to you for organizing such a great event and I personally wish you all the best for the years to come. You can count on us.


Have a great time and good luck!

Michal Odstrčil ParaCENTRUM Fenix, z.s.

Have a nice day,

You're doing a great, and I can tell, a tremendously challenging job, thank you for that. Of course you can count on us for next year, we'd love to be involved.

Good luck!

Jana Koysova Hendi centrum



Thank you for sending us the final report, which confirms the tremendous efforts made by the implementation team with an amazing result.

I believe that thanks to the promotion and expansion of partners and ambassadors, we will gradually be able to solve the financial coverage and prepare the environment for even more athletes for next year.

It has been an honour to be part of the event and we are delighted to accept the invitation for the 2022 edition.


Currently Anička is staying with us, I hope to see another Games participant next year.


Fingers crossed, lots of work spirit for the 2023 edition and have a great rest of the summer.

Radim Klaška Agrotec Kia Modřice


we are glad that you had a successful 11th year and we are glad that we could help you at least a little.

We would be happy if you could contact us again next year so we can get involved again.

Thank you again and have a nice day.

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Mgr. Veronika Kuklová AGROTEC a.s.,

We are glad that we were able to participate in the Emil Open 2020 event. Hats off to the organizers and everyone involved for the work done, this is a beautiful event that definitely makes sense. We really appreciate the cooperation and look forward to its continuation in the coming years.

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Zbyněk Tomašík BRuNO family park

We are very happy the event went well and that we could support you. Do not hesitate to turn to us in the future. 

Marta Drápalová DELIKA lahůdky, s.r.o.

Your words of appreciation of our cooperation immensely pleased the whole DELIKA lahůdky, s.r.o. team. It would not be "fair" to appropriate the praise for myself. We are happy the Games´ participants liked our products and that we met your expactations.

We wish you nice days and all the best in your future projects.

Eva Borová Zeelandia spo. s r.o.

On behalf of our company I would like to congratulate the entire organizing team for their huge success! I can imagine how much work, time, patience and energy preparation of such a great event involves. But I also believe the subsequent feeling of well-done work, the joy of those for whom you did it all, and the accomplished goal, must pay off. I'm sure you will all have a wonderful feeling of euphoria, enthusiasm and satisfaction. We greatly appreciate what you do and admire you for it! We are honoured to be your partner and to be able to help at least partially and indirectly the people that really need it, and to whom this help means an opportunity for self-realisation and personal fulfillment.


David Hradil SiteUp

I went to see this year's Emil Open together with my colleague. We both enjoyed the event and were really happy we could come and witness it all. We talked about the entire event with the other team members and they were all excited. The number of participants was huge to me even this year, but I heard it should have been twice as big. It's really a shame that the funding did not work out as expected. If we can, we will be happy to help you also in this area next year.

We are glad that the service we provide to you helped with the Games´ organization and believe it has saved you a lot of time and possible inconveniences and trouble.

We value our cooperation and will be happy to continue in the future.


Věra Pečínková TIC Brno

Personally, I am very pleased that we could support a good thing. I do believe the participants remembered from our guided tours as much as possible, even though they were probably very tired after the previous demanding programme.

We will be happy to cooperate with you on the accompanying programme of the next Games´ editions.

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Emina Budurinová B02 and B04 blocks Manager, Lodging and Boarding of the University of Technology in Brno

I like to help with an event that has a purpose. I believe we will have the opportunity to cooperate again.

Jana Hradská Boarding and Lodging Director, Mendel University in Brno

Both my colleagues and I were pleased to help you organise the European Games. We are glad you were satisfied with the boarding and lodging we had provided. I believe it was not our last cooperation. I wish you success in what you do.

Renata Pavlicová Department Manager – Lodging Sector I, Masaryk University

I will be looking forward to our future cooperation.

Eva Luterová Emil Open photographer

You are a great organising team. It is a pleasure to cooperate with such people.

Zdeněk Čížek Boarding and Lodging Director, Masaryk University

Let me congratulate you on an extraordinarily successful event.

Ladislav Havel Rector, Mendel University in Brno

I was honoured to support your very successful event, even though not to the extent I would have liked. I assure you of Mendel University support for your future activities.

Pavla Wochová Boarding Manager, Mendel University in Brno

We like to help for a good cause. We look forward to helping organise another event.

Michaela Marksová Minister of labour and social affairs

On behalf of the Ministry of labour and social affairs I must express our great support of these Games. I highly admire the initiative and personal efforts that you put to the organisation of this important event each year. I wish you a lot of success in your next activities.

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Organising Committee President

Vojtěch Kocůrek

Organising Committee Vice President

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