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- Participants 2019 -
Kamila Malinová OU pro žáky s více vadami, Praha

Me and our pupils with multiple disabilities would also like to thank very much for the great event. We enjoyed it very much. Many thanks to all the organizers and volunteers who took care of us and prepared unforgettable days for us. Children talk about Emil Open experiences all year long :)

We are already looking forward to next years!

Mgr. Eva Petrů ZŠ Kamenice nad Lipou

I would like to thank you, on behalf of myself and all our students, for the wonderful experiences at the 8th European Games of Handicapped Youth. We got gold, silver and bronze medals again, from which the children were enthusiastic. Our thanks also go to all those who took care of us at the Taufer Dormitory. We are looking forward to the 9th European Games and we wish to all those who participated in the organization a great summer.

- Participants 2018 -
Märt Pais SK Meduus

It was again a nice event and good competition. I hope we’ll be here again!

Martina Jančíková JK Fany Hostěnice

Thank you very much for amazing competitions, great organisation, and accompanying programme. Everything worked perfectly. As an accompanying programme we chose the Mendel Muzem and Planetarium and enjoyed both a lot. We hope to participate next year. We wish you good luck with the other edition.

Miluše Šnoblová  

I would like to commend your whole team for trying so hard to ensure the success of the Games. The volunteers did a great job. Despite of being tired, they were helpful and had a smile on their faces. I have sent you an email with some food for thought for the future editions. I wish you good luck with preparing the next Games.

Mallika Koel Estonian Mental Handicap People Sport Organization

Our athletes and coaches have very good memories of the competition in Brno. They had a wonderful time and got good results –all thanks to a perfect organisation. Thank you very much and good luck with the next games.

Eva Petrů ZŠ Kamenice nad Lipou

The 7th European Youth Games for the Disabled are over now so I would like to thank you, on behalf of our schoold and students, for the amazing experience that we have gained at the Games. The organisation of this year´s Emil Open was not easy for you and that is why we appreciate your efforts even more.

A great thank you also belongs to all those who took care of us at the dormitories - the cooks at Tauferovy dorms and all the others. Our students have great memories and experiences from the accompanying programme (Observatory and Planetarium) and the event as such. But most importantly they brought gold, silver and bronze medals. Once again thank you. We look forward to meeting you next year.


Kristýna Padrtová ARPZPD, ČR, z.s., Klub Road

I am pleased to thank you for the amazing European Youth Games for the Disabled, in which our sporting club Road, Jesenice, could participate. Our athletes enjoyed the atmosphere a lot, competed with enthusiasm and devotion. Winning medals in their categories made them all the more excited. They pride themselves on the medals at school and in the swimming club and are proud of their achievements. Moreover, everywhere they go they speak highly of the event - how GREAT and AMAZING it was!!! They appreciate the opportunity to experience a real competition for the first time, meet other athletes and try to understand a bit of English :)

We do take a bow for a perfect organisation, friendly and pleasant atmosphere, team´s and volunteers´ enthusiasm. We are sure it is hard work and takes a lot of effort.

We had no problems, everything worked perfectly, we got all the information, the transport was also marvellous. We really fell in love with Brno and still are looking at the pictures and remembering!! We are already looking forward to the next Games.

Once again - BIG THANKS!

Zuzana Kočáriková  

I would like to thank you once more for the opportunity to participate in the Emil Open. It was such a great experience for us. We met so many wonderful people. Thank you for doing all this for our kids.

Best regards, Kočáriková from Piešťany :)

Silvia Lacková Nadácia Adeli

I would sincerely like to thank you for a very pleasant atmosphere, amazing experiences, and remarkable moments we could experience with you in Brno :) We have received very good and positive feedbacks from so many people. Especially Zajícova family and Tomáš Zajíc, whose apetite for swimming was whet to such an extent that he has decided to be more active in swimming and start with trainings. He was also very honoured to be the flag bearer.

We wish you all the best!

Kateřina Polišeňská a Martin Polišeňský ZŠ Morkovice

My son and I participated for the first time. We were very excited about the atmosphere, the programme and the care and hospitality of the organizers. Big thanks!!!!

The accommodation and board were absolutely satisfying, the service for the athletes also (of course the ice cream, fruits and juices were unbeatable :-))

A possible space for improvement for the next editions would be in the organization. I know this is so difficult with so many volunteers that are not so knowledgeable and I can not advise you on how to achieve this :-), but I was surprised by the lack of information of the "staff". For example when we were supposed to go to the theater and my son and I were alone at the bus stop, I ran to ask a very helpful and willing accommodation coordinator if the bus was coming. He was surprised there was any theater on the programme. So he asked the volunteer (also very kind and helpful) sitting next to him but she had no idea either. She immediately set off with us and a bit worried waited for the bus with us that eventually arrived. However, the driver did not even know if we had to go get some other people so we just in case went to all the other dorms. The way back was very similar. And there were more such situations.

It's not a critique :-) I admire the diligence, effort and helpfulness of all th volunteers and professionals. It is just possible food for thought for you.

We are sending bit THANKS your way and wish you a blessed summer full of kind encounters.

Para-fitt Sportassociation Para-fitt Sportassociation

 We are very grateful to you for having participated at the event. It is an unforgettable memory for all of us. Have a great summer.

Filip Valenčin SŠ a ZŠ Nové Město nad Metují

On behalf of the Nově Město nad Metují high school and elementary school I would like to sincerely thank you for beautiful 3 days in Brno. Emil open 2018 was absolutely fantastic. Our students enjoyed everything so much. They competed, god some medals, made new friends and visited Brno for the first time. Everything was organised in a brilliant way, the accommodation and food were superb. I cannot imagine how much work it must be to organise an event of this size. But the experiences and memories the athletes get are worth it. That is why I hope that this year´s financial problems will not discourage you and there will be Emil Open Games next year. We would love to come again. We wish you all the best. Please, thank the whole team. See you next year. 

Ilona Literová Sluníčko Tanvald a DDM Vikýř Jablonec n. N. 

I would like to thank you once again for the the possibility to participate and for your great effort in overcoming the big obstacles and ensuring a smooth running of the Games. It really was beautiful and all our team members were literally over the moon.

I wish the whole organising team a nice and easy summer and a lot of rest after such demanding days.

- Participants 2017 -
Eva Petrů ZŠ Kamenice nad Lipou

I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity of participating in the European Youth Games for the Disabled Emil Open 2017. Our children were delighted, loved Brno and achieved amazing results. They competed in athletics and got 5 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals. It was a great experience for them and finally they succeeded. They wear their Emil Open to school and share with their classmates the experience from the competitions and the sail on a steamboat.

I would be very happy if we could participate in the Games next year if you organise them again. I know that it is very difficult to organise such an event, but everything went well - so thank you for that. You have my respect.

Vendula Veselá DOZP Všebořice

I would like to thank everyone who helped organise this year´s Emil Open. Thank you for a great organisation, atmosphere, plastic raincoats during the Opening Ceremony, perfect sporting competitions, beautiful accommodation and very tasty meals, transport, all accompanying programme, which our children enjoyed. Our big thank you also goes to the volunteer Dominika Ulmanová, who took a good care of us during our whole stay at the Pod Palackého vrchem dormitory - she was always smiling and helpful. We were very pleased with the certificates and hand clappers. Thank you once again sooooo much. We will be happy to come again.


The meals were good, accommodation satisfactory. I greatly appreciate the favours of the organisers as well as the cooks and other boarding and lodging facilities employees.

Ivan Antov Gymnázium pro zrakově postižené a SOŠ pro zrakově postižené

On behalf of our athletes and myself, let me thank all the organisers for the perfect conditions you provided us with in Brno. On behalf of our team I can say that the Games fulfilled their goal. Our children were motivated to do sport and also had the opportunity of meeting with their peers from other countries. They could explore Brno as a beautiful city but also as a potential city of their university studies. I will be pleased if you invite us next time.


Unfortunately, Golf Masters took place only one day, which we did not expect. The coaches were very kind and helpful though. We would have loved to spend the next day with them as originally planned.


We will surely recommend. We arrived worried about how able will our disabled children will be to handle it all - mainly the transfers to their acommodation, to the sporting venues etc. However, our worries vanished right when we arrived at the station in Brno where buses were ready to pick us up and all organisers started taking good care of us.


It´s an excellent event, but needs many improvements to be very good in my point of view.


We are very happy that we had been part of Emil Open 2017. We are surely coming back next year. Keep up the good work you are doing.

Alice Svobodová ZŠ a MŠ pro sluchově postižené

The Emil Open Games were an amazing experience for us. The children were excited and the organisation was perfect. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Dagmar Zvoníčková Mateřská škola, základní škola speciální a praktická škola Diakonie ČCE Ronička Soběslav

Thank you so much once more for all you are doing. We really enjoyed the Games.

Arnošt Petráček paralympijský vítěz v plavání na 50m znak v Riu 2016

Hello to Emil! I am very glad I could participate in such a great event as Emil Open. I had a great time. I wish you good luck with your other projects :-)


The organisers were very helpful.


We participated in athletics only and everything was okay. The stadium provided excellent facilities so we could spend all day there with no problems.

Tomáš Komárek Centrum Kociánka

It was an honour and pleasure to be part of such an excellent event not only as a partner, but also as participants. We already look forward to the next successful edition.


Thank you, Emil. We hope to see you next year.


We also recommended the event to our colleagues in Poland.

Joó Attila Hungarian School and Recreation Sport Association of the Persons with Disabilities

Thanks again for the lot of help before and during the event. Our team was extremely satisfied with everything and we hope we can be there in 2018 again.


Very rich accompanying programme. We had a lot of options to choose from.


The meals and accommodation were very good, the coordinators were very kind and helpful. They always did their best to help us, give us information we needed or arrange necessities.

Lenka Fijalíková ZŠ a MŠ Kroměříž, F. Vančury.

I would like to express my gratitude and admiration. Thank you very much also on behalf of our athletes for organising the competitions. We will be looking forward to the next edition.

Petra Hnátová Cesta životem bez bariér, z.s.

Thank you for oganising this event, it must have been really demanding.


We will surely recommend and will be happy to come back :-)

Jana Malivánková Střední škola F. D. Roosevelta pro tělesně postižené, Brno, Křižíkova 11, příspěvková organizace

Thank you for all the great experiences we had during the Emil Open Games. We will be happy to participate in the next edition.

Kamila Malinová OU pro žáky s více vadami

I would like to thank you for a great event that we really enjoyed. The children were more than happy and everything went smooth. All the volunteers and referees were great too. Thanks one more. We look forward to the next edition.


It was an excellent event. The children were excited and definitely want to come back.

Diyar Seitov NPC Kazakhstan

On behalf of NPC Kazakhstan and our team I would like to express our gratitude for the event in Brno. It was both enjoyable and fruitful for our team. Our thanks goes to all organisers of the competition for very good work they are providing.

Lucie Vojtíšková Integrované centrum pro osoby se zdravotním postižením Horní Poustevna

I would like to express my big thanks organising a perfect event that we really enjoyed. We had a great holiday in Brno. We look forward to next year.

Gašper Tanšek Center IRIS Ljubljana (Slovenija)

Firstly, I must thank you for the beautiful time that we had in Brno. The organisation and people were on a really high level - everything was organised and well-prepared so we had no problems during our stay in Brno. Our students were excited and had much fun and are already asking when (not if) we are going back next year. We hope there will be place for our team next year too. Thank you again for all your help through our correspondence via email.

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