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We are already looking forward to Brno, say Natálka and Štěpán, the Emil Open 2020 participants

16.09.2020 07:31

Ten-year old Natálka and Štěpánek at the same age are friends who do sports together. They do athletics but not just the basic one. Štěpán Kaloč trains to ride a wheelchair at 50 meters and throw a ball. Natálie Hlavinková was born with cerebral palsy and limited mobility of her left hand. And this is her first time to take part in the European Youth Games for the Disabled. Both friends from the athletics field answered 10 questions. Even before they came to Brno to show that no handicap can stop them. What do they want to do when they grow up? For example a member of the SWAT unit or worker at the cash register.


How did you and your moms decide to start athletics?

NATÁLKA: My mum said I could enjoy doing sports. I found out about athletics in Ostrava. And so I started training.

ŠTĚPÁN: I have been doing athletics for 3 years. I wanted to play football, to be the goalkeeper but my mum said that athletics will be better at the beginning. She took me to the stadium where I had my trainers Jarda and Anetka. Eventually, I started to like it.


Right now, we are at the Ostrava Athletics Stadium. This is where both of you regularly train. Your trainer Aneta Inochovská helps you. How can I imagine your training? You know, I am at such a training for the first time!

ŠTĚPÁN: First we stretch, I start to ride a wheelchair and then we either train slalom, speed, observation or we throw balls and rackets. In the end, I finish by riding a wheelchair again. And I am very tired. I enjoy throwing the racket the most.

NATÁLKA: First I jog and warm up. Then I run, throw balls or rackets. I enjoy running the most and I would like to jump, I want to train a long jump.


That sounds exhausting. You are very good. How often do you train?

ŠTĚPÁN: Once a week.

NATÁLKA: We commute to Ostrava from Nový Jičín once a week.


So, what did your preparation for this year’s Emil Open look like? Natálka will participate for the first time, Štěpánek for the second time…

NATÁLKA: We trained here in Ostrava. We also had an assembly in Nymburk.

ŠTĚPÁN: I worked hard.


Are you looking forward to Brno to the European Youth Games for the Disabled?

ŠTĚPÁN: I really am looking forward to Brno. We will stay there for two days. Last year, I liked the drummers the most and also the wheelchair ride where I won the gold medal! I met a new friend from Prague there, he is also in a wheelchair. And I also got a chocolate from a boy who did not speak czech, he participated in table tennis. In the evening, we played table tennis together.

NATÁLKA: I am looking forward to children, competitions and my room.



And what about some role models? Is there anyone you admire? Among children or adults

NATÁLKA: I watch Tary, the youtuber.

ŠTĚPÁN: I don’t have any role model. I like argentinian football player Messi, he plays for Barcelona.


What do you like to do when you are not at the stadium? Do you do other sports or hobbies? For example, I like reading books. :-)

ŠTĚPÁN: I go to the Colliery Crossfit gym with my friends in the wheelchair, I like riding Loped and playing games on tablet. I would like to learn to play drums.

NATÁLKA: I like riding a bike, I go to the swimming pool and I also like playing games on my phone.


How did you two meet?

ŠTĚPÁN: Natálka came with her mum to my training, our trainer introduced us and we started to train together. She sometimes annoys me because she keeps telling me what to do and she wants to push me in a wheelchair.

NATÁLKA: One year ago, at a training in Ostrava.


What school subjects do you like?

NATÁLKA: Physical exercise.

ŠTĚPÁN: I like PE and Music.


When you grow up, what would you like to do? For example, when I was a child I wanted to be a vet. And now, I am doing an interview with you…

ŠTĚPÁN: When I grow up, I would like to be a member of the SWAT commando.

NATÁLKA: I would like to be a saleslady.


Well, fingers crossed!


Note to the interview: An interview with Natálka was done with the help of her mum who was answering together with her daughter.


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