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Pejchalová: They fight where we resign

07.06.2018 15:20

Regional councillor Jana Pejchalová wasn’t missing at opening ceremony within 7th European Youth Games for the Disabled and she talked about respect and esteem for all the participants of Emil Open 2018.

What do you think about Emil Open?
“I think that these Games are really important for the participants in their lives. It’s not just about the few days in Brno but this event has a huge overlap – not only in terms of sport but also social. Athletes establish new contacts, new friendships, they can talk about new insights into life.”

How important role has Brno in this event?
“Together with representatives of the City of Brno we feel how important is to help these people in this form. It is enrichment for all of us, it’s inspirational for our work. It’s amazing to see children who fight with their own destiny. Such people deserve our respect and support.”

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