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Bohumil Šimek, Governor of the South Moravian Region

11.06.2018 12:12

European Youth Games for the Disabled are annually returning to the South Moravian Region and its metropolis, Brno. Disabled athletes, their will and enthusiasm are a huge inspiration for us all. Sports for the disabled are more and more in the centre of public attention lately. The reason is clear – their performance is just as good as the performance of professional national team members. And because of all the obstacles many of them had to overcome before they started to do sports, we should appreciate them twice.

I am glad that South Moravian Region and the city of Brno can annually host this prestigious sporting event for the disabled athletes. The performance of these athletes are a huge inspiration and can serve as an example for young people who has not yet found their way to sport. Not only because of this is support of similar events a matter of course for the South Moravian Region, and not only this year, but in the years to come as well.

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