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Jiří Štěpán, Governor of the Hradec Králové Region

03.06.2019 13:05

Dear Athletes,

you have my admiration and full support! You prove to all people that those who simply did not have so much fortune as others in their lives can spend their time actively and in the company of friends, accepting and overcoming challenges and experiencing the joy of victory, despite their handicap. I wish you all success, although of course beside the winners there are losers in every competition. But that's not the point. Your undisputed victory is already a start at this big and prestigious sports event. In addition to emotional sporting experiences, I believe you will also make new friends and gain lots of experience that you will use throughout your life, as well as that most of you will come back to the European Games and strive to further improve your performance. But always keep in mind the rules of fair play and follow them in everyday life. Be a firm part of the society that you definitely have something to offer.

Lot of joy in the game!

Jiří Štěpán, Governor of the Hradec Králové Region

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