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Martin Půta, Governor of the Liberec Region

21.04.2023 15:03

Dear sports fans,

It was my great pleasure to be the patron of the 12th annual Emil Open sports event. In today's hectic times, I believe it is especially important for young people - including those who suffer from various forms of health disabilities - to continue to develop through sports. This not only helps them physically, but also helps them integrate into the community of their peers. And there is nothing more valuable than making new friends during a competition and healthy competition. These are the bonds that last for many years or remain forever.

Sports are a natural part of human life, and I highly value the organizers who contribute to this great event every year. The number of participants, the scope of sports activities, the accompanying cultural program - all of this represents a unique event that reaches the top European level.

I am also very pleased that young athletes can meet many significant personalities during the races, not only from the field of sports but also from culture and public life. These people always have something to offer and will be a great inspiration to young people.

Let me also introduce how the Liberec Region, which I represent as Governor, helps people with disabilities. We are currently completing the so-called transformation of social services project. We are trying to transform the undignified living conditions of people with disabilities and bring them closer to a normal life. Thanks to this process, modern, small community-based facilities are created to help disabled people get as close as possible to the normal life that healthy people lead. Family-type housing, unlike institutional environments, restores dignity to these people and helps increase their self-confidence.

We also help people with disabilities in other areas. For example, I can mention the Schools Without Barriers project, which involves modifications to dozens of secondary schools in our region. Thanks to them, students with physical and sensory disabilities will have better access to education.

We also have a subsidy fund that supports disabled citizens in the region. Applicants can use the money to purchase necessary health or compensatory aids that are not fully covered by the relevant health insurance companies.

We also help with symbolic gestures. Since 2016, the Liberec Region has been involved in the Czech Republic Shines Blue campaign, which seeks to raise awareness and educate about autism.

I believe that it is human and right to help flexibly and effectively where it is necessary and to those who need it most.

Enough with words. Now I wish all young athletes to enjoy this year's Emil Open as much as possible and take away many new and unforgettable experiences.

Martin Půta,

Governor of the Liberec Region.

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