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Petr Vokřál - Mayor of Brno

30.05.2017 16:07

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the 6th European Youth Games for the Disabled “Emil Open”. I am pleased that this sporting event is taking take place right here in Brno, the city promised to the sports. Events like this contribute to the fight against prejudice and help people find a way to each other regardless of age, colour of the skin or disability. I think that this is one of the two significant aspects of sport because both competing on the field and cheering with friends for the athletes simply connects people.

The second significant aspect of sport consists in the determination to improve and to move further. Of course, in real life it rarely matters who is faster or who can kick the ball better. However, it often does matter who is willing to devote their time and hard work to a certain cause. And this why I consider athletes with a disability to be role models for all of us. Every day they face problems that an able-bodied person cannot even imagine; yet instead of complaining and resignation they chose to fight. All competitors who are competing at the Emil Open Games deserve our respect.

And if you want to take a break from sport, you can dice into Brno’s streets and experience the atmosphere of our beautiful city. You can get lost in our underground corridors, admire Brno’s architecture, or savour the local culture in clubs, theatres and museums. And in case you get hungry and thirsty, I encourage you to taste out local cuisine. I believe that after this experience you will be returning to Brno every now and then even in the years to come.


Petr Vokřál

Mayor of Brno

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