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Radim Holiš, Governor of the Zlín Region

28.04.2023 13:49

Dear sports enthusiasts,

It is an honour and a pleasure for me to be able to once again, after one year, to be the patron of the 12th edition of the European Summer Games for Disabled Youth Emil Open.

Personally, sport is ingrained in me. I have even more admiration and respect for all those who have to overcome a higher bar than others in their sport. To give your best, all your strength and finally reach the set goal is worth it. It doesn't matter if the result is a great time, a podium, applause or the feeling that I did my best for the result. In the end, everyone who finds the determination and self-belief in themselves, who can fight and lose with honour, wins.

Sport is not just fun and movement, it gives a person much more to life - it teaches him not to give up, makes him get up again every time he falls, to be fair to himself and others. And I mustn't forget friendship. The ones that are made in sport are often for life.

I want to thank everyone involved in the preparation of the Emil Open: the organizers, sponsors and partners, volunteers and all those who help create the unique atmosphere of this event.

I wish you to enjoy this year's event, positive energy and take away many experiences that you will remember for a long time.

Good luck, great results and good sport!

Ing. Radim Holiš

Governor of the Zlín Region

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