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Ing. Radim Holiš, Governor of the Zlín Region

04.05.2022 16:04

Dear friends of sport,

It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the patronage of the 11th European Games for Disabled Youth Emil Open, because I am a big fan of all athletes, and even more so of those who have difficulties in playing sports.

I would like to thank all the organizers, supporters, partners of this event and volunteers who in all aspects ensure the course of the competition, the preparation of the participants, their accommodation and all the facilities so that they can experience a beautiful, full sports experience and the atmosphere of the right competition.

I admit that I am an athlete in mind and body myself and I cannot imagine life without the possibility to go for a regular run or sit on a bike, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for each of you who is finding their way to sport, even if it is more difficult.

But we all know that amazing feeling when you manage to reach your goal and fight with all your might and give your best. Whether the result is a medal or "just" the good feeling of having "given it" is not so important.

Anyone who is strong in their determination, who has confidence in themselves and their performance, and who can fight and accept defeat with integrity, wins.

The great thing about sport is that it "toughens" you up, teaches you not to whine and to fight through obstacles, and that it creates true lifelong friendships.

I would like to wish you all this from the bottom of my heart and now, most importantly, may you enjoy the best moments at the 11th Emil Open in a cool and, if possible, nice weather!

Good luck, good luck and always good sport!

Ing. Radim Holiš
Governor of the Zlín Region

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