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Markéta Vaňková, Mayor of the City of Brno

01.04.2020 18:08

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Athletes,

Let me welcome you to Brno, where the 8th year of the European Youth Games for the Disabled – the Emil Open, will take place. I enjoy this event very much. This is sport in its non-commercial, pure form, in which the joy of motion and friendly competition are more than merely seconds and records.

You will surely agree with me when you see the exhausted athletes, who have been training for this moment for the whole year and who have now committed themselves to achieving their best. Disabled athletes, golfers, boccia players or swimmers do not need astronomical sums of money or thousands of likes on social media to be motivated to train, where even coming to the stadium can be difficult for them. And it is in this determination where a true sporting spirit exists.  I would also like to thank the organisers of this event who have shown their dedication. Thanks to their year-round work it is possible to organize this sporting event. The disabled
youth here have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of this extraordinary international event in a pleasant, selfless environment that even connects possible rivals and provides a positive energy for both players and fans, which I consider wonderful.
And if you want to diversify the program of the games, visit Brno’s streets. You can have the perfect dinner in one of our highly-rated restaurants, get to know the Brno culture in local galleries and theatres, or stroll to Špilberk Castle and enjoy the beautiful view of Brno. I believe that after such experiences you will be happy to come back to us. 

I wish you a pleasant visit to our city, and to all the athletes I wish you a lot of strength and
Markéta Vaňková
Mayor of the City of Brno

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