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Petra Pecková, Governor of the Central Bohemian Region

28.04.2022 19:47

Dear Emil Open participants,

I am very happy that despite the events that surround us, you can once again enjoy days full of sports and entertainment in Brno. Sport has a great power - it can unite people, it can brighten the day, it gives us the opportunity to discover ourselves, to develop self-esteem and push our boundaries. The European Disabled Youth Games have a similar power - they offer young people chance to get together, meet same minded people with common interests and to build new friendships, show others what they can do and how they cope with the obstacles that fate has put in their way.

I have always been an active athlete myself and I like to remember the atmosphere of the sport events, where we could meet other girls and boys. I wish all the participants of this year's Emil Open Games to have a good time in Brno, to enjoy moments on and off the sports grounds, to meet acquaintances from previous years and to make new friendships.

And one more thing, my thanks belong to all organizers and volunteers. Organizing such a large event, moreover, considering the needs of the participants and with an international dimension, must be extremely demanding. Thank you for what you do. The happiness in the eyes and the laughing faces of young athletes prove that it makes a lot of sense and is worth it!

Yours, Petra Pecková, Governor of the Central Bohemian Region

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