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Milan Hnilička, Chairman of the National Sports Agency

01.03.2020 10:01

Dear sport friends,

I was very pleased to receive the news that the organizers of the European Games for Handicapped Youth have decided to hold this year's 9th year, despite the complications in the form of the coronavirus crisis.

As a long-term fan of this event, I am honored to be able to grant the Patronage of the President of the National Sports Agency. For me personally, the winner is anyone who has decided to accept the challenge of participating in the European Games and sacrificing a substantial part of their free time in training. What I like most about the games is the positive atmosphere, in which it is primarily about friendship, establishing new relationships, exchanging experiences and, of course, also about extraordinary sports performances, which are seen every year. What I tell athletes at every event - never forget the principles of fair play, also applies here.

As a former athlete, I know very well how physically and mentally demanding it is to prepare for a top sporting event. For me, I can only say that you have my admiration and I look forward to September when this year's 9th European Games break out!


Milan Hnilička

Chairman of the National Sports Agency

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