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Martin Červíček, Governor of the Hradec Králové Region

03.06.2022 15:55

Ladies and gentlemen,

it is my great honor to greet the participants and organizers of an event with such high moral credentials. This is no ordinary sporting or socialevent. The Emil Open fulfils a beautiful and noble mission. It giveschildren and young adults, who are disadvantaged compared to theirpeers, the opportunity to experience the joy of exercise, healthycompetition, overcoming themselves and new friendships that can last a lifetime.

The level of a society is recognised, among other things, by the way thesociety is able to take care of the most vulnerable. Therefore, the event Emil Open and all its organisers and supporters do a great honour not only to the South Moravian Region, to which I personally have a warmrelationship, but also to the entire Czech Republic and for this theydeserve great respect, appreciation and gratitude.

I hope that this 11th edition will be one of the most successful ones and that it will attract young athletes from other European countries to takepart in future years.

Martin Červíček, Governor of the Hradec Králové Region

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