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Josef Suchánek, The Olomouc Region Governor

26.05.2022 16:49

Ladies, gentlemen, sportsmen and sportswomen,

I am very pleased that this year the Olomouc Region can again support the European YouthGames for Disabled “Emil Open”. I believe that events like this aptly capture the direction where our society should be heading - towards equal opportunities for all.

The same idea reflects, for example, in the grant policy of the Olomouc Region. We were one of the first, if not the first, to come up with a special grant programme that focuses on supporting disabled athletes. And it has been a success too - there is a great interest in the regional support and the athletes bring back medals and good results from competitions.

The European Youth Games for Disabled are a great project. It may not have the same media attention as the top competitions for professional athletes, and it certainly doesn't have the same budget. Yet that's okay, or it's even a good thing.

After all, a sport should not be played for money or fame. It is meant to cultivate the body and the soul, to teach people to play fair, to accept defeat and to appreciate victory. And that's exactly what the “Emil Open” does.

I wish you a wonderful sporting and spectator experience.

Josef Suchánek,

The Olomouc Region Governor

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