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Ivo Vondrák, Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region

08.05.2021 12:18

Dear friends,

I am in awe of all athletes who have the determination, self-discipline, and incredible persistence to develop their talents and constantly improve their form and move their results forward. And when it comes to athletes with disabilities, my sincere admiration is even greater. That is why I was pleased to take over the patronage of the tenth edition of the Emil Open, which has become an exceptional event on a European level, not only due to the representation of foreign guests, but also because of the rich variety of the accompanying program.

Young athletes will descend on Brno not only to measure their sporting prowess, but also to encourage each other to share their experiences and inspire others. Sport is one of the great ways for people with disabilities to battle and show that they can triumph over the misfortune that has come to them in life, and how they can direct their lifestyle and mood towards positivity and joy. After all, a real whirlwind of endorphins and hormones of happiness can be experienced by a person in a wheelchair or someone with a serious visual impairment. That is why I would recommend for all people who have to live with a disability to invite sports into their lives at least a little. They don't have to fight for medals, they don't have to break records or shine in the spotlight. All they have to do is not let their disability roll over them, spoiling their mood and appetite for life.

I wish all the participants in these international games good luck, not only in the competition, but also in their personal lives. I wish the organizers a smooth and hassle-free event and all the fans a great atmosphere and an amazing experience.

Ivo Vondrák, Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region

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