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Vítězslav Schrek, President of the Vysočina Region

27.04.2023 12:44

Dear Friends,

Humans show a natural desire to belong to something, and as we know, sport connects us. It is true that movement is for everyone and sport as such is a huge motivation to push our limits. The 12th edition of the European Youth Games for the Disabled is a clear demonstration of human strength and determination to continuously overcome obstacles and form role models worth following. The management of the Vysočina Region takes social responsibility and its role in promoting it seriously, and regularly supports a wide range of sporting activities, both for healthy and disabled athletes, including making regular investments in sports infrastructure across the region.

No matter how long your journey has been to make it to the starting line, and no matter how this year's competition turns out, I would like to wish you an unforgettable sporting experience and a fair play event, the right athletic form, and most importantly, mutual respect. Only one can win, but the applause goes to all those who are fighting fiercely for a place on the podium. You know, the feeling of success is priceless; it motivates and awakens lifelong passion.

Vítězslav Schrek, President of the Vysočina Region

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