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Kateřina Polišeňská a Martin Polišeňský

ZŠ Morkovice

My son and I participated for the first time. We were very excited about the atmosphere, the programme and the care and hospitality of the organizers. Big thanks!!!!

The accommodation and board were absolutely satisfying, the service for the athletes also (of course the ice cream, fruits and juices were unbeatable :-))

A possible space for improvement for the next editions would be in the organization. I know this is so difficult with so many volunteers that are not so knowledgeable and I can not advise you on how to achieve this :-), but I was surprised by the lack of information of the "staff". For example when we were supposed to go to the theater and my son and I were alone at the bus stop, I ran to ask a very helpful and willing accommodation coordinator if the bus was coming. He was surprised there was any theater on the programme. So he asked the volunteer (also very kind and helpful) sitting next to him but she had no idea either. She immediately set off with us and a bit worried waited for the bus with us that eventually arrived. However, the driver did not even know if we had to go get some other people so we just in case went to all the other dorms. The way back was very similar. And there were more such situations.

It's not a critique :-) I admire the diligence, effort and helpfulness of all th volunteers and professionals. It is just possible food for thought for you.

We are sending bit THANKS your way and wish you a blessed summer full of kind encounters.

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