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Kristýna Padrtová

ARPZPD, ČR, z.s., Klub Road

I am pleased to thank you for the amazing European Youth Games for the Disabled, in which our sporting club Road, Jesenice, could participate. Our athletes enjoyed the atmosphere a lot, competed with enthusiasm and devotion. Winning medals in their categories made them all the more excited. They pride themselves on the medals at school and in the swimming club and are proud of their achievements. Moreover, everywhere they go they speak highly of the event - how GREAT and AMAZING it was!!! They appreciate the opportunity to experience a real competition for the first time, meet other athletes and try to understand a bit of English :)

We do take a bow for a perfect organisation, friendly and pleasant atmosphere, team´s and volunteers´ enthusiasm. We are sure it is hard work and takes a lot of effort.

We had no problems, everything worked perfectly, we got all the information, the transport was also marvellous. We really fell in love with Brno and still are looking at the pictures and remembering!! We are already looking forward to the next Games.

Once again - BIG THANKS!

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