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Final entries only open until 25 April!

12.04.2022 11:58

Since yesterday, April 11, we are opening the final entries for this year's event - you can now register both athletes and their accompaniment, report accommodation, meals and send your expected arrival time.

In the documents you will find the sporting regulations and accommodation manual.

At the same time we inform you about the results of the 1st round of registration and changes for this year!

After the closed first round we have 964 registered participants from 16 countries.

This number exceeds both our financial possibilities and the capacity of the athletics and swimming venues.


For these reasons the following rules are set:

1. We are shortening the deadline for the closing of the 2nd round of entries to 25 April.
Rationale: We need to know the final number of athletes well in advance of the Games in order to define any measures that will either allow for the participation of all entries or set numerical limits for the participation of individual organizations. We note that cycling, for example, is hardly filled at all.

2. We are clarifying the rules for the accommodation and meals paid by the organiser.
The 1:1 athlete/chaperone paid accommodation and meals rule was always intended for athletes who require constant accompaniment/assistance.

For athletes with intellectual and hearing impairments, we will strictly require the following limits for the accompanist for whom we will cover accommodation and meals:

1-4 athletes - 1 escort,

5-9 athletes - 3 accompanying persons,

10-16 athletes - 4 accompanying persons,

17-20 athletes - 5 persons escort.

Other members of the entourage will be overcharged for accommodation and meals.


For athletes with physical and visual impairments, the asistant will remain at a 1:1 ratio if assistance is required.

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