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The Caribbean jungle in the centre of Brno, Scientific Experiments or a Steamboat Ride. Emil Open 2020 has an inflated accompanying program again.

27.08.2020 18:22

Painting on the wall, a steamboat ride on the Brno dam or scientific experiments. The Emil Open European Youth Games for the Disabled will traditionally bring a varied accompanying program. The Wheelchair Association cooperates on this and its fundraiser Lenka Uldrijanova reveals, in an interview, what the participants or interested parties from the public should not miss.


Lenka, this year the games will take place in September. They will not only be about the summer sports but also about the accompanying program. What news would you personally highlight in the program?

Well, where to start? It is definitely worth it to arrive to the popular amusement park BRuNo family park. There are more than 40 attractions that can be enjoyed. We will leave there a monument - an outdoor painted wall. I would definitely not miss the wind in my hair: a wonderful steamboat ride on the Brno dam. There will be many surprises prepared on the mainland. You can try scientific experiments under the VIDA science center supervision and you can also get on board of a real hot air balloon. It will be securely anchored to the ground so there is no need to be concerned about flying or heights. But we will not deprive the crew of the burner “hissing”. And a Laser Game Brno will not be missing either. Within the “Brno is fun!” program, we can look forward to the tours of the Brno city thanks to the Tourist Information Center.


The program will also bring the Emil Open 2020 participants to the animals or into the Brno Observatory. Can you tell me more about it?

The visitors can enjoy animals in the Brno Zoo, where, in addition, an annotated feeding of red pandas is prepared. Right now, in August, visitors could see their cub for the first time. But it doesn't end with animals at the Zoo. Those interested can also go to the Papilonia Butterfly House in Brno- in fact, to such a unique Caribbean jungle only in the Brno center. There are hundreds of exotic butterflies flying and the climate can be compared to the one in the rainforest. And those who are interested can also check out the Brno Observatory, where there is a program prepared.


The participants have a very busy program. Will the public be able to get anywhere? This year, the program is significantly limited due to coronavirus.

Unfortunately, you are right but I believe we will enjoy it all way more in the next year. But I still want to invite the public to the opening ceremony of this year’s games. It will definitely not be boring. Great drummers from Austria will take care of the rhythm and the musical atmosphere will be underlined by the rapper - Lukáš POLČI Polčák. He is also a very inspiring person - without one hand and one leg but with a lot of determination. A young musician Samuel Rychar will perform his musical skills at Friday's closing ceremony. And completely at the end, we are all looking forward to the evening party in the open air!


A beneficial Face to Face show with Jan Kraus is also included. It will take part in the Brno Theater - Radost. The money raised from the entrance fee will help the disabled youth to do sports. Event tickets are already on sale. What will the show be about?

In addition to the new name and venue, this year’s show will also have news in the form of options to ask questions of all the evening actors. So, for example, you can actually be in the shoes of mr. Kraus who is usually full of questions himself. The rector of Masaryk University, Martin Bareš, the singer and actor of the Brno City Theater, Dušan Vitázek, and also Samuel Rychtar will sit among the guests. He is only 12 years old and he has already succeeded in the Czechoslovakia talent competition.


Emil Open is an international event. Is English the official language of the program?

We prepare everything in both Czech and English language. So nobody has to worry about not understanding something or someone. There are English and Czech speaking volunteers available for the participants during the Games.



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