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Where will the athletes be accommodated?

04.06.2018 08:16

As well as last year, Emil Open cooperates with universities and canteens to provide accommodation and meals for athletes and volunteers.

The accommodation for the participants and volunteers is provided by the dormitories of Mendel University in Brno and by the Brno University of Technology (BUT). Both universities will provide not only accommodation, but also meals, just like last year. More than 130 participants of Emil Open will be accommodated at the Tauer dormitory of Mendel University. „Last year we built a barrier-free access to dormitories. The meals will be distributed to the participants, because there is no barrier-free access to the canteen yet,“ said the director of the dormitories and canteens of Mendel University, Jana Hradská.

Around 300 athletes will be accommodated at the BUT dormitories. „The athletes will be accommodated at the Purkyně Hall of Residence, and at the Hall of Residence Pod Palackého vrchem. There is barrier-free access to all the buildings at the Hall of Residence Pod Palackého vrchem,” informed the head of the Halls of Residence and Dining Services of Brno University of Technology, Jana Pokorná. For the athletes they will provide breakfasts and dinners, they are counting with special requirements as well.

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