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The accompanying Emil Open program attracts to history, water slides, animals and nature

02.06.2021 18:42

Emil Open has prepared an interesting accompanying program for all participants this year as well.  Their free time during sports can also be used for fun. There will be several places to do so, we will also go outside Brno - to a water park Aqualand Moravia. Brno and its surroundings will simply entertain you! There is only one thing to do to participate - an early registration, before they go to the games. It is only possible to register for this event until June 7, 2021. Just send an email to and it is done!



What can the participants look forward to? Program!

There is a lot to choose from this year! For example a wonderful musical ALADDIN by the ensemble Ponte per l’arte. Children will perform in the BARKA theater. If you prefer to combine a walk with exploring, you will appreciate a tour of the city of Brno with an experienced guide who will show you beautiful parts of Brno. But if you are interested in doing more sports, you will definitely enjoy an organized handbike race on the pumptrack. This race is organized by the League of Wheelchair Users together with the Black Horses organization. It also includes triathlon skills. All of this will take place on the Svoboda Square. The Brno Observatory will take you to the sun and stars, it will also screen attractive movies.

And what about the weekend? On Saturday, participants can register for the program on Brno dam. The non-profit organization ParaCentrum Fénix has prepared a program in the fresh air in nature. But Saturday can also include fun in the water park. You can find Aqualand Moravia just a few kilometres behind Brno, it offers an endless ride for children and adults. You can look forward to swimming as well as sliding the toboggans.


Your own program

In addition to the organized program, there are also plenty of places where you can go on your own. One of them is, for example, the Brno Butterfly House Papilonia. Hundreds of exotic butterflies fly around you and the climate can be compared to the one in the rainforest. You can also see animals in the popular ZOO in Brno. Jumping on proper trampolines is possible in the Jump Park.

Lovers of stories and history should not miss a visit to the Moravian Museum, it is the second largest and also the second oldest museum institution in the Czech Republic. Dietrichstein Palace on Zelný Trh and the Mendel Museum of Masaryk University, where genetics was born more than 150 years ago is also worth a visit. Jurkovič’s Villa, which is one of the top modernist architecture inspired by British and Viennese work with the elements of folk art, is also great to see. The Anthropos Pavilion will present the history of Moravia.

The view of the city will be revealed after you walk up the Town Hall Tower. And the mysterious atmosphere and experience will be shown in competitive fireworks within the ongoing IGNIS BRUNENSIS festival. You can see it above the Spielberk Castle. It starts at 10:30pm.


Complete program you can find here under this link.


How can Emil Open participants register for the program?

Participants can register for the selected program until June 7, 2021, send an email to It is necessary to write the number and the name of the program in the registration and the names of all people who will participate. It is also important to mark the number of participants on the wheelchair and a contact of the person responsible for the whole group.

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