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TOP SPEED with Jirka Jezek attracted hundreds of fans

08.06.2017 18:27

On Saturday June 8th, crowds on the Svobody Square welcomed the Paralympic champion and Emil Open 2017 ambassador, Jiri Jezek, who prepared TOP SPEED event for cycling enthusiasts.
Jiri Jezek as the most successful Paralympic cyclist of the history started this non-traditional sprinting race (200 meters) very well. He marked a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. Later on, the European champion David Sojka and the European champion Pavel Kelemen, both from Dukla Brno went on the track, too. All three of them went on the track three times to fight for a maximum speed.
This 200m track could also be tested by the public - all those interested, either on their own bikes, or it was also possible to borrow a bicycle from the organizers. The whole competition was eventually dominated by Pavel Kelemen, one of the world's fastest cyclists. His highest speed was 58 kilometers per hour.

"I really enjoyed the race. It was a great promotion and a comparison of how fast can go a professional healthy cyclist and I as the Paralympian and amateur athlete, "said Jiri Jezek. ”I was pleased with the presence of many people, who came here to cheer. I believe that in upcoming days they will visit sport venues as well as the accompanying program that runs within the Emil Open," he added with a smile.

For Example, visitors can enjoy “the rappelling down” from Hotel Voronez by wheelchair users, scheduled on Friday, June 9th. This exciting event will start at 11 a.m. Also other demonstrations are available for public to see, such as football for blinds, rugby or basketball wheelchair users.


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