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Jan Kraus: If you feel depressed, come and see the Games. You will feel much better right away.

08.06.2017 10:58

A popular Jan Kraus Show was held in an unusual way on Wednesday, June 7th on Svoboda Square. Four secret guests were seated into the red sofa – leader from the popular band “The Tap Tap”, Simon Ornest, athlete Katerina Novakova, swimmer Arnost Petracek altogether with the program and music director of Radio Krokodyl, Jiri Wiener.

Was there a difference between your show in the theater and here in the city?
I knew about this event before, but it's about something else. It's not a show in the theater, but it is a show that should support this specific event.

You talked about Brno a lot; especially with Jiri Wiener ...
We are in Brno now, so there is no other thing to talk about. “Brnáci” (people from Brno) are well known as patriots, and I like to irritate them with that (smile).

So did you learn something new about Brno during the show?

Years ago, I told myself laughing that I would cancel Brno itself. Then media wrote about me how cheeky I am, but they simply did not understand that joke. That's why I am enjoying it. Of course you cannot really mean it.

Are you going to try “Orloj” in Brno?
Those hours attracted me; I had no idea how much. But I have to check whether it really works the way Mr. Wiener told me.

Are you planning to try some sport?
If I stayed here for a day longer, surely I would because I'm fascinated by these sport disciplines. There's always a great lesson in it. When someone watches those who can overcome themselves, it will hit them how often they cry about non important things.

Why should people come to see Emil Open Games and support athletes?
If you have depression or feelings of failing or having a sad mood, come to see what they can do. It will take you straight away into happiness.

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