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Emil calls for the support of the Paralympians, a huge applause will fly from Brno to Tokyo

12.05.2021 17:20

During the jubilee year of the Emil Open, the Emil Endowment Fund wants to involve hundreds of people and support all handicapped athletes with a huge applause. The recorded video should fly straight from the Svoboda Square in Brno to the Olympic rings in Tokyo and encourage our Paralympians. Anyone can get involved.



So what is it all about?

As part of the Make the Beat project, this instructional video went all around the world last year. The organizers wanted to teach the main “melody”, the so-called “beat” around the world and motivate people to make their own videos of this type. It was then meant to be presented at sports venues to cheer up the spectators.

According to our information, this challenge will be renewed again at the beginning of June, however, even if it does not take place, we want to support handicapped athletes in this way and shoot this video.

But before the big “applause” in the heart of Brno, we decided to invite our ten selcted partners and ask them for help. Why ten? And what help are we asking for?

Emil Open is celebrating its beautiful 10th birthday this year, that’s why 10 challenges for our 10 selected supporters and partners who have been supporting and helping our games for 10 years.

The help consists in accepting the challenge to shoot a video, which will also be an invitation, the goal of it will be to fill the Svoboda Square in Brno at 4pm on 23rd June with as many people as possible. Together, we will all dance to this “beat” at the opening ceremony of the 10th European Youth Games for the Disabled Emil Open with a giant applause and we will record a video for Tokyo 2020. 

Get involved - individuals, sports clubs, organizations, companies, anyone… Record your “beat” and send it to us! And most importantly - come to us on June 23 to Svoboda Square in Brno and accept #EmilChallenge!

And now? Let’s all applaud together once again with our Veronika (the only Czech representative in the T2020 organizing committee and former vice president of the Emil Open) and watch a video with Emil’s challenge directly from Tokyo from the Olympic rings.


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