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President's statement about the final term of the 9th European Games

23.03.2020 00:13

Dear participans, friends!


I appeal to you at a pre-agreed date 23rd March 2020, when we promised you the status of your applications and a preliminary sport schedule.

As the situation regarding the further development of the pandemic by coronavirus is still unpredictable, I want to introduce you to the following plan and process that we will follow.

  • We are still continuing preparations for the Emil Open 2020 in June 24th-28th.
  • If restrictive measures are still to be maintained, the games will not take place in June due to the health risks of Emil Open participants.
  • We are negotiating with sports venues and dormitories with the aim of moving Emil Open on September term.
  • On April 30, we will inform you about the date of the second round of applications, or move Emil Open in September 2020.

In conclusion, I would like to inform you about the state of registered athletes after the preliminary applications. While the capacity in athletics and swimming was significantly exceeded, in other sports there was a slight overlap or the capacity was not filled.


Dear friends,

be careful of yourself and keep your fingers crossed for each other so as we all meet in beautiful June´s or September´s Brno.


Pavel Zbožínek, President of the Emil Open

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