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Mayor of Brno: It is an extraordinary and inspirational event

06.06.2018 21:28

Petr Vokřál, the mayor of Brno, attended opening ceremony and press conference of 7th European Youth Games for the Disabled. As a former athlete and skier he has a strong relation with sport and he supports Emil Open very much.

Where do you think Emil Open is in the hierarchy of sports events held in Brno during the year?
“This is an extraordinary event, especially for the participants themselves. I’m so glad that it takes place in Brno. It works like between healthy athletes, there is rivalry, competition. This event could change life for many people and it is a huge chance for them.”

Will you support Emil in following years?
“I believe that the city of Brno will support such an event, even though there will be elections in the autumn – but this is not political business, it is an event which connects general public.”

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