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How do young athletes like the Emil Open 2021?

24.06.2021 15:42

This year, more than 700 athletes from 13 countries arrived in Brno to show their performances. The first sports day is behind them and the second is awaiting. The closing ceremony of the games takes place at the athletics stadium on Friday 25 June at 6pm. A fun program is planned for the weekend. We checked the athletic stadium today where we interviewed a few participants. And what did they tell us? We are bringing you a few shots of the place.


Tomáš Kaláč

I compete in athletics, specifically in running. This is my second time here this year and I really like it. I am planning to set my personal record! After sports, we are going to the city and also to the Zoo. We came from Opava.


Vanesa Spěváková

It is my first time here and the run was good, I won. I still have a relay race ahead of me. I liked the parade on the square. We will come next year too!


Filip Zwinger

It is something new for me, I am here for the first time. So far, I have to say I have quite a good score but it’s still not what I want. I look forward to going for a walk in the city and to the closing ceremony.


Lucie Šimonová

It is my third time here. I have done 100m and 800m races. The score is not great, my knee hurts. But I still like it here. We’re going to a musical today so I am looking forward to it. The atmosphere on the square was great. I was happy to see mr. Kraus live, I often watch his shows on Youtube


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