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Emil Open 2021 has started

24.06.2021 10:59

The tenth year of the European Youth Games for the Disabled Emil Open revived the streets of Brno. Starting in the morning, the cheerful mascot Emil, who was accompanied by a parade with drumeers, walked through Brno. The opening ceremony took place at 4 o’clock in the afternoon directly on Svoboda Square. The sports program ends on Friday at 6pm when the final ceremony of the games takes place. The program for participants is also ready for the weekend. It is going to be a ride.

Svoboda Square was lit up by a parade of flag bearers, which presented 14 countries. One for each country the participants came from to this year’s Emil Open. Coaches of athletes were also present at the ceremony. The opening was moderated by Kateřina Nekolná and Jan Kraus. And traditionally, the Czech anthem was played too.


Part of the opening of the games was also to thank all partners thanks to whom the games can take place. Emil Open is significantly supported by the city of Brno and the South Moravian Region. Apart from this, the games were financially supported by nine other regions of the Czech Republic. “We are also able to hold the games thanks to the financial support of the Brno city and other partners. We really appreciate their support. We are proud that the jubilee tenth year can be held in Brno this year. “ said the President of Emil Open Pavel Zbožínek. It was Pavel Zbožínek who took over the opening ceremony of the games on Svoboda Square.


Over 750 athletes will attend the Emil Open this year. “Thanks to Emil Open 2021, 755 young handicapped athletes from 14 countries came to Brno to compete in five summer sports. These include athletics, swimming, table tennis, boccia and bocce. Sport boccia can be compared to pétangue but it is adapted for people with disabilities. Bocce is a similar sport but the participants play it outside on the lawn.” said the vice president of Emil Open Vojtěch Kocůrek. Sports start on Thursday at 10am.

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