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I will come and support participant of Emil Open 2020 said Bohumil Šimek, the county representative (hetman) of the South Moravian Region

24.08.2020 22:04

The Hetman of the South Moravian Region Bohumil Šimek granted the patronage of the 9th European Youth Games for the Disabled, Emil Open. According to Bohumil Šimek, the region has one of the best public transport systems in the Czech Republic. It is the accessibility that is constantly being improved. Only last year, the representatives of the South Moravian Region approved the purchase of 37 new train units, which will be low-floor. Bohumil Šimek is going to come to personally support the participants of Emil Open 2020.



In September, Brno will host the 9th European Youth Games for the Disabled. And you granted the patronage. Where do you see the benefits of this event?

 The South Moravian Region has been a proud partner of this event from the very beginning and it is ready to continue in the coming years. In this scope and approach, I consider the Emil Open concept to be unique. Young athletes are incredibly tenacious and they measure their strengths with others with great dedication and joy. Sport brings them joy, enthusiasm and relaxation, and it certainly offers new friendships. And that is the main reason to support ,,Emil”.


How is the South Moravian Region doing with the barrier free travelling solution?

We have one of the best systems of public transport in the Czech Republic and we keep improving it, even in terms of accessibility. For example, last year the representatives of the South Moravian Region approved the purchase of 37 new train units, which will be low-floor. We also have regionally guaranteed carriers in timetables and some regional bus connections with barrier free solutions. Of course, there is still room for improvements.


Is the South Moravian Region involved in any other way with the topic of sports and people with disabilities?

The South Moravian Region also includes sports for people with disabilities in its subsidy programs. For example, last year we made a financial contribution to the badminton player who is deaf, Jana Havlová from the club SK Kukelská Brno z.s.. We also support disabled swimmers, a football tournament for the blind, the subsidy from us was also obtained by the association ONKA z.s., whose members were able to participate in the onco-football league.


Will you be able to attend this year?

I will be happy to support the participants of this year. I will certainly appear at one of the ceremonies and possibly at some sports fields. But I do not dare to measure my strengths.


You have already touched the topic. What about you and sport in your free time?

I am a passionate spectator of any sport but I must admit, my biggest sports performance is walking our dog. But I do enjoy it even more. And if mushroom picking can be classed as a sport, then it is another of my great passions.



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