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Wheelchair users pulled their comfort zone at Voroněž

09.06.2017 16:44

The Brno view, the 30m height and a lot of adrenaline. The Emil Open 2017 organisers prepared a non-traditional activity which will stay in the memory of the participants for a very long time.

On Friday June 9, one of the most memorable events of the accompanying program of Emil Open 2017 took place from 11 am to 3 pm. Those, who were interested, could try to ride a wheelchair from the roof of the Voronezh hotel building just off the Exhibition Grounds. The event was directed by Martin Trčka and Filip Švejcar, who helped climbers from the Klajda climbing center in Brno.

"We have been doing adrenaline activities for the disabled for nearly 20 years," admitted Martin Trčka. "We work with the sports club of Jedlička's Institute, Kocianka and, for example, with The Tap Tap band. We started by slapping Vyšehrad, then tried the Congress Center and the Nusel Bridge, which has become such an annual tradition. This year, we were first asked by the organizers of the Emil Open to show similar activity within the European Youth Games for the Disabled," said Trčka and admitted that they would like to try and salve also AZ TOWER, the tallest building in the Czech Republic. "So next year at the Emil Open,"  adrenalin enthusiasts lured.

One of the first enthusiasts who had decided to leave the Voroněž roof was the participant of this year's Games Ondřej Srp.
"I love the adrenaline. I was also roping down the Nusel Bridge, which was a bit more challenging than today, because there is a big overhang. I always have the worst feeling at first, but when we go on, it's okay because you cannot do nothing after that moment," said Srp with a smile.

Afternoon roping down was tried not only by the disabled brave participants. The Councilor of the Statutory City of Brno Jaroslav Suchý also decided to overcome the fears of the heights .

"I'm glad I dared to rope down," said Suchý. "I teach my students to move from the comfort zone. That's why I am pleased that I managed that today," he added.

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