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Vaclav Krasa: Disabled people have the same joy of success as healthy ones

08.06.2017 08:13

Among the guests of the European Youth Games for the Disabled was also the chairman of the National Council of Disabled in Czech Republic, Vaclav Krasa. This event, organized by the Emil Foundation, he considers to be extremely important.

Why should people come to see competitions of disabled athletes?

Because of them healthy people could see that people with disabilities are able to do sport like others, have the same ambitions as everyone else and the same joy of success and victory as others. That we are just the same people as the others, only we sometimes go wrong, we do not see, or we can not hear ...

Why is it important to support these actions?

Because they give a fair and accurate picture of people with disabilities, that we are not worried, we live a completely normal life, and sport belongs to our lives, the same as to other people and we can use it and enjoy it. I also think that thanks to sport we are getting new friendships, even falling in love.

Would you like to try one of the sports from this European Games program?
I have already tried ping pong, I played once a bit.

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