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There would be no Emil Open without partners

10.06.2017 12:09

It would be very hard to organise such a huge event like Emil Open without strong partners. How the city of Brno supports this event and which institutions helped with the organisation of the Games? How difficult is the preparation of the Games? Check out who supported us this year?

The organization of the Emil Open 2017 – the European Youth Games for the Disabled has involved various organizations that have helped to secure things such as transport, lunch packs, drinking, cleaning, etc. Without this great help, the organization such an extensive event for nearly a thousand participants would not be possible.

Emil Open partners did not help to provide only the material side of the event, but also helped with organizational and technical services. For example, EPRIN (, barcode and QR specialists helped with registration of participants, and NDC ( to provide complete IT services for games, including. Equipment - computers, printers, networking, wifi connection for subscribers.

EPRIN has been on the market for more than 25 years and it has always been a part of the company's strategy to support charity and good things. "With the Emil Foundation, we established a partnership last year when we were a partner of the IWAS Games and the action was evaluated as beneficial," said Lotty Majorová, director of EPRIN, and she plans to continue to support the disabled people.

Transport in Brno was free of charge thanks to DPMB ( if you carried an accreditation. The transport company also arranged the boat cruises along Brno's dam. Czech Railways ( also helped with transport. Thanks to them, the participants travelled to Brno for free.

Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace ( helped to ensure good drinking water. SAKO Brno ( secured waste containers and they supported Emil Open also financially.
OLMAN ( took care of the safety of each site. Cleaning was managed by

You have certainly heard about the roping down of wheelchair users from Hotel Voroněž. Hotel Voroněž also provided accommodation for the Emil Open guests.

The oldest partner of the Emil Foundation is Zeelandia (, which regularly supports the Foundation and supported this year's Emil Open. The financial contribution was further provided by ČEPS (

We must also remember the Crocodille company, which has delivered lunch packs. And finally something sweet - thanks to and we could enjoy great ice cream and EMCO ( provided snack bars.

We thank all partners!

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