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Touching messages for the organisers: You have done your best

29.05.2018 22:35

The cuts in budget made it impossible to let all 917 interested athletes from 18 countries participate in this year’s Emil Open. Limit of athletes from abroad is 10 from each country, limits for the Czech athletes are set with regard to representation of each region and number of athletes in each sport. Despite the situation, the organisers get many encouraging messages from both Czech and foreign schools. They value the messages and will do everything so the rejected athletes can participate next year.

The school representatives showed their regrets about the fact that their students cannot participate. Some of them, however, offered their places to others: „We are really sorry there is such problém with finances shortly before the event. If you need to cut the numbers of participants, we can give up our places for others. And in case you manage to get the money, see you soon,“ said the primary school in Morkovice. In most cases, the team got sympathies and support. „We are sorry it did not work out, but we understand the situation. We know it is not your fault and that you did your best to make the event happen. Please, do not be discouraged by this year’s problems, it would be pity,“ was the message from the High and Primary School Nové Město nad Metují.

One of the most positive emails was sent by primary and high school Pomněnka o.p.s.: „Considering current situation, I can say only one thing: you are amazing people, who despite adversity decided to fight and fulfil wishes and dreams o fat least part of registered young athletes. You are doing amazingly praiseworthy work. I can imagine the endless hours spent in front of your laptops and cell phones, stress handling and desire to drop everything when you do not get the support which should be a natural thing. Projects like Emil Open are important and meaningful!!! Therefore I would love to thank you greatly and I wish you to remain so strong, determined, and emphatetic... and the rest should learn from you!“

Even though some of the foreign participants made it to shortlist, because the decision to pick only 10 athletes was really difficult, they decided not to participate at all this year.  „We understand the situation Emil Open is in, and how difficult it is to make the final decision. Unfortunately, we are also in a tough situation, since we registered 24 athletes with 20 crew members and suddenly we have to pick only 10 of them. Therefore we have decided not to participate this year at all. We are really sorry about that, as last year was amazing – we enjoyed it a lot and the organisation team was full of prefessionals. We hope this year’s Emil Open goes well and that we will be able to participate in 2019,” wrote Hungarian association FODISZ.

Similarly sad message was sent by the Latvian paralympic team: “Unfortunately, we have to cancel the participation of the Latvian team. We cannot decide about the 10 athletes who should participate. We are one team and it would be unfair to other 15 athletes who would not participate. They are all equally good.”


The organisers believe they will get enough finances until the next year so all the teams that cannot participate this year, will be able to come for Emil Open 2019.





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