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Representation in U21 minifootball learned from the blind

09.06.2017 17:48

Thursday culminated with the training and exhibition match of the Czech U21 minifootball representation together with the blind football players of AVOY Brno. It was also a good invitation for the starting European minifootball championships. The match had a clear scenario – AVOY Brno won 8:0.  

But the two sides agreed that the result was not important. "Thank you very much for taking part in this game. It was a huge school for the boys," Jaroslav Kara said. "They deserved a little bang. It's a young representation, and sometimes it's getting a little climb," he added with a smile.

Soccer players first tried a few basic exercises to get used to hearing orientation. "We did not know what we were going to do. It was an incredible experience. You just focus on hearing. From the beginning, it was very difficult and the orientation in the area for me was essentially zero," said David Lošták, defender of the Czech selection.

 After a half an hour trial, an exhibition match against AVOY Brno took place. "Football for the blind is very demanding for acoustic conditions. Absolute peace is needed, which is virtually impossible on a busy square. It was playing under difficult conditions and it was not easy for us," said Jitka Graclíková from AVOY Brno. However, the routine of blind soccer players was also known in an unconventional environment, and the selection of under the age of 21 almost gave them no a chance.

 "I did not know that there was anything like that. I found this sport on YouTube and I had to try it at home. I got my eyes closed and we have no aquarium since," laughed the coach Petr Brejla. "But now seriously! I'm so glad that guys could try it. I have not seen them on the pitch like today. I think they have realized how communication on the pitch is very important and much of today's experience will help," he added.

The first European championship in mini football in the Czech Republic starts today with an opening ceremony at 18:30, followed by a home team match with Hungary. The championship will culminate next Saturday. "Surely there's going to be something to look at. We want to attack the first gold at the domestic championship that is still missing in our collection," Jaroslav Kára invites to Lužánky.


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