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Filip Neusser – Chairman of the National Sports Agency

30.05.2022 15:24

Wishing all athletes and sports enthusiasts a great day!

I am delighted to have the chance of giving patronage to the Emil Open European Youth Games for the Disabled. I believe that sport is an important part of everyone’s lives, without distinction, and I am pleased that this event, which allows all participants to experience the atmosphere of elite-level sport, is being staged for the eleventh time now. Above all, the core values of each and every sporting competition should be fair play, esteem, and respect, and in previous years of the Emil Open I saw that this is precisely the spirit in which the games take place.

All athletes know that success comes first and foremost from hard work and Czech and foreign athletes will gather at these summer games in Brno to test themselves. Winning, of course, is important, but just as important is creating a good atmosphere and making friends. The European Youth Games for the Disabled is an amazing project that generates an environment of healthy competition and supports young athletes who have it harder in life, but who still enjoy it to the full.

A healthy society is one that lives without prejudice and hatred. Although not everything is always a bed of roses, friendly sporting events of this type bring people closer together and show the positive side of life, something we might forget every now and again amidst the stress of everyday life.

Finally, I would like to wish all participants the best of luck and success, of course, but above all that they make new friends and enjoy a great week full of experiences. I would like to thank the organisers for organising this unique event and hope that everything runs smoothly,with no major stress or hiccups.

Filip Neusser – Chairman of the National Sports Agency

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