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Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová, Governor of the Central Bohemia Region

16.04.2019 17:49

Dear fans of healthy exercise, competition and sports friendship 

I was delighted to provide the auspices to the 8. Annual European
Youth Games for the Disabled "Emil Open". For I consider sport to be one of the most universal tools of profound human communication and also a unique and irreplaceable way to improve oneself, our own
self-confidence, moral qualities, perseverance, the art of overcoming obstacles, overcoming pain, but also to feel the delight of victory and learning to lose.

Sports and sporting competition form a unique and irreplaceable cultural value of humanity that can connect people, give them a sense of dignity, educate them in the sense of fair play, of justice, and it leads to a sense of collective identity and respect for one another.
It's not just about medals and podiums, but mainly about the ability to
exceed your own limits, find friends and the purpose of our actions.

I wish you all memorable sporting and learning experience towards
forging new friendships.

Ing. Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová
Governor of the Central Bohemia Region

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