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Help and have fun at the same time! That is the Brno show Face to face with Jan Kraus

03.09.2020 18:17

Jan Kraus arrives in Brno on 16 September and moves from the red couch to the Radost Theatre in Brno. Thanks to the benefit show Face to Face with Jan Kraus, Brno residents can help children and young disabled people play sports. The money collected from the entrance fee goes in its entirety to the Emil Endowment Fund. Admission is 350 crowns and is available online.


Help and have fun at the same time? That is exactly what the face-to-face show Jan Kraus can do. A well-known television entertainer arrives in Brno to "interview" three guests together with the audience. One of them will be the rector of Masaryk University, Martin Bareš. Actor Dušan Vitázek and twelve-year-old musical talent Samuel Rychtář also talk face to face with Kraus.

"The novelty of this year's benefit evening is that the audience can also ask questions. I believe that the show will fulfil its purpose: it will entertain all guests and at the same time help us to get a contribution to the endowment fund. We will use the money raised for young athletes with disabilities. We are cooperating with them,” states Pavel Zbožínek from the Emil Endowment Fund. The evening show takes place as part of the 9th European Open Youth Games Emil Open. The Summer Games, which will feature more than 600 participants from 13 European countries, will take place in Brno from 16 to 20 September 2020.



About the Emil endowment fund

The Emil Endowment Fund is a non-profit organization that helps disabled children and young people play sports, primarily in the form of direct financial assistance. The Emil project was established in 2003, and after a successful start in 2009, it officially became an endowment fund. To this date, NF Emil has supported over 8,000 individual athletes and sports teams, helping to improve specific young lives. The fundamental mission of the endowment fund is to be a symbol of effective help for disabled children, to help them overcome their own barriers through sports throughout the Czech Republic, to find new friends and to discover "their" meaning of life. It focuses its assistance mainly on children and young people under the age of thirty. While there are government programs to support sports and physical activities for children with disabilities, targeted systemic support for children with disabilities is virtually non-existent. That is exactly what NF Emil is trying to change.

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