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Volunteers recruitment for Emil Open still opened

26.04.2018 10:37

The volunteer are the spirit  of all sporting events and without their help it would be difficult to organise anything. The organisers of this year’s European Youth Games for the Disabled launch the volunteers registration in the second week of April.

Since the main recruitment is just starting, we expect most applications in the second half of May. The deadline is not firm – people can register even during the Games. They can register online at

The minimum number of volunteers needed during competition days is 120, during days without competitions a half of it should be enough,“ says the volunteers coordinator Petra Šmídová. The best case scenario is when the volunteers are available during whole duration of the Games, but they can come for only one day, too – according to their time possibilities.

It is important that volunteer is useful somewhere, it depends on particular position. They can help for only three hours a day, for example as a chaperone on the way to the site or at the accommodation, or twice in the morning as the athlete’s assistant. The volunteer’s involment depends on mutual agreement, we never refuse anyone without a reason,“ specifies Šmídová.


Broad possibilities of involvement

The volunteers can be delegates of the teams from abroad, athlete’s or referee’s assistants during the competitions. Also they can help at the accommodation or during the transportation. „A specific kinf of help is when volunteers help during the competition in the Mixed category – when compete in pair with the disabled athlete,“ adds Šmídová.

Right now the interest of the volunteers is same for all kinds of help, most people were interested in being the athlete’s assistant last year. The age limit depends on the position – for the team delegates, assistents at the accommodation and coordinators i tis 18 years. For visitors‘ assistants and sport assistents it is 15 years.

The organisers cooperate with faculties of the Masaryk University in Brno again as well. They still negotiate with other universities, primary and secondary schools. They addressed also foreign stutents who came for Erasmus „The volunteers do not need to be students. It is a good opportunity for everyone,“ adds Šmídová.


What the volunteers can be looking forward to

First of all, they will gain priceless experience thanks to the communication with the disabled athletes. They can make new friendships and enter the world of people with mental illnesses. They can practise their language skills during the communication with foreign athletes. Each volunteer will get a T-shirt, the food will be provided, and they will get also volunteer’s certificate at the closing party. We negotiate about free transportation in the public transport, just like last year,“ finishes the volunteers coordinator, Petra Šmídová.

The European Youth Games for the Disabled are for the athletes from 10 to 26, with all types of disabilities - physical handicaps, visual defects, hearing defects, mental handicaps, and with combined disabilities. The organizers extended the number of sports to six this year: athletics, swimming, table tennis, golf, boccia, and bocce. In case of interest in participation, it is possible to apply until April 30, 2018. The application is bidding. The Games will take place in Brno from June 6 to June 10, 2018, and it will be one of the biggest sporting events of the year for both the South Moravian region.

The Emil Foundation has launched the fund-raising for Emil Open 2018. People can help by sending any amount of money at until May 28, 2018.



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