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By train without barriers to Emil Open

07.06.2017 13:00

To transport more than a thousand of people to such a big even as Emil Open, it is not easy. Lucie Stárková, the transport coordinator of Emil Open 2017 appreciates the cooperation with the Czech Railways and she described in the interview how does such transport of the disabled sportsmen works.

How difficult is the transport coordination of people with different types of disability?
First of all, I would like to emphasize that cooperation with Czech Railways has helped several hundred participants to come to Brno and participate at Emil Open 2017, because transportation cost is one of the big use when considering participation. I personally believe that the possibility of using free trains of Czech Railways was also a key criterion for participation by many participants.

How participants of Emil Open 2017 will be able to move around Czech Republic?
As I already mentioned in the introduction, in cooperation with Czech Railways, all participants of the games can use transportation for free on the way back and forth. If participants were interested in free transportation to the event by train, they had to fill out this request at our registration system. Later, Czech Railways generated a number of unique codes - vouchers that could be use via the Czech Railways e-shop.

How challenging is transportation of a thousand participants and how much does it load the tracks?

The organization of such a big event is always demanding from all aspects of logistics. The Emil Open organization is predominantly based on the activity, willingness and skill of a group of people who sacrifice themselves and their free time for a good thing. Most of us have a regular job, basically in a different field, but we are on the same boat inside of organization of the games, and it is necessary to work hand in hand, perhaps that`s why Emil's organization is so unique.

Why is support for disabled athletes important to society and for you?
The organization of transport is very demanding in a number of participants. The Emil open team helps all participants move not only to / from Brno, but also with public transportation in the city, to sports venues or to accompanying events. Participants are accommodated at several accommodation facilities; we also have several sports venues and a wide selection of accompanying activities. Every participant will not only to get to his / her accommodation and sports venues, but also to have the opportunity to see other sports and to participate actively in. For example, a program during the games on Svobody Square or Saturday leisure activities - Visiting Zoo, Observatory, Vida Park, steam boat rides along the Brno dam, etc.

Are there any people who will handle any complications or will you deal with it differently?
We deal with transport issues with the support of the implementation team more or less by two people - I and my colleague Bc. Petra Antlova, who is not only my right hand but an indispensable article of the whole organizational mechanism.

What sports / actions are you looking forward to see at the Emil Open?
As coordinators of transportation, we have a great deal of freedom in recent weeks, and it will be so in the course of games, yet I hope to be able to have a look at the individual sports venues, meet participants personally and express their sincere admiration for their enthusiasm, bravery and skill.

What message would you send to all athletes participating at Emil Open 2017?
I would like to say to all participants that we look forward to see them in Brno. I wish them a lot of unforgettable experience.

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