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Notes from attendants

24.06.2019 14:03

“I came from Austria on Wednesday together with my team. We compete in Boccia. This is our first time here and I hope to come back next year. The atmosphere is great and I think that my results are not bad either,” Laura, Austria.

“I got injured right at the start of the games, I fell and I scraped my leg badly. Yet, I won a bronze medal in the following discipline, so I am really happy. I am here with my friends and I hope that next year we will be competing again,” Veronika Faltová, Úpice, Czech Republic.

“I compete in the long jump and in the 100m race. I finished the secondin the long jump, which I didn’t expect at all. I was injured lately and couldn’t train as much. I expected that I might be the last, but thanks to positive thinking, I eventually won a medal. I took part in different championships, but this is my first time in the Czech Republic. People are really nice around here. I hope I can come back next year,” Simonas Kaselis, Lithuania.


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